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              For such a time as this! Plenary from the CMF National Conference 2021
              Florence Muindi of Life In Abundance International, gave the plenary address at this year's CMF National Conference on 24 April 2021.
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              In March 2020, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) in the UK published national guidelines on the management of patients with prolonged disorders of consciousness (PDOC). Those guidelines updated their 2013 guidance, 'particularly in relation to recent developments in assessment and management, and … changes in the law governing … the withdrawal of clinically assisted nutrition and hydration.' The 2020 document's primary focus is on patients who are not dying but who could live for many years with treatment and care. Recently, a paper published in the journal Brain suggested that there may be as many as 25,000 people in the UK with PDOC, (though no national register currently exists[1]), and that 20 per cent of them have sufficient awareness to respond to commands in neuroimaging contexts even though there may be no visible evidence that they can.
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